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Hi my name is twinn (Lacresha) I'm an easy person to get along with I have a twinn i.e. the name twinn. I like to party hang out with friends especially my [FWYH]™<3 family, dirty filthy dubstep, Netflix, movies, bright colors, shopping, fake mustaches, raves, dressing up all cute, tattoo, music, and anything that catches my eye. I'm the kind of person that loves to see ppl happy and having a good time. :3 I like to treat life as a party and fuck shit up!! t(^o^t)
Anonymous asked: A little advice to some people: It's scary talking to someone you find attractive who you've never spoken to and neither have your other friends, but what I did to meet the boy I'm practically in love with, I stopped him in the hallway at school and told him that he looked as if he could be a model. Then eye contact wasn't awkward and he asked for my number a couple weeks later, and he's the sweetest boy I've ever met. So go put on a cute outfit, fix your hair, take a deep breath, and go for it


Cute Date Ideas by Tumblr User Tweeckos

1:dressing like hipsters and going to a hipster cafe and ordering the most hipster-like coffee and taking selfies with it and posting them on the internet
2:creating your own fictional couple and dressing and acting like them in public without breaking character
3:exploring parts of your town/city where youve never been and finding cool hangout spots
4:going on a picnic but bringing pillows and stuff so that cuddles may ensue
5:going out in public and only communicating in song lyrics
6:play drinking games but instead of drinking you have to smooch
7:stay home and make an intricate blanket/pillow fort and have a slumber party
8:watch terrible movies but pretend like you're totally into it the entire time